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The Houston Harriers are back !

Meet the Houston Harriers AGAIN

Announcing the reorganization of the Houston Harriers Running Club as a HARRA team. The purpose of this team is to promote competitive running within the Houston running community therefore, first and foremost, training & competition will be emphasized. The Houston Harriers has been re-organized with the help of Doug Storey and the history and traditions of the club will remain as key tenets going foward. In addition to that, the Harriers are working on new events, as well as ideas for the future. One constant will be the development of the athlete, at whatever level that may be, and the training will be with input from one of the founders - Jim McLatchie ( The Great Scot !)

Over thirty years ago a group of runners - Jim McLatchie, Bob Cozens, Al Lawrence, Leonard Hilton, Simon McNamee, Donald Baxter and Danny Green decided to start a running club. The name Houston Harriers was decided upon because Houston is where everyone lived and Harriers, which are a breed of small hounds used in hunting hares, seemed like a good fit with running. The club's emphasis is on training, competition and development of runners. The Harriers have endured over the years and established a cadre of great runners. Harriers have won forty-seven (47) USA National Titles, two British Titles and three World Masters titles. Three Harriers have competed in the Olympic Games & IAAF World Track and Field Championships and two of the founding members competed in the 1956, 1960 and 1972 Olympic Games. Locally the Harriers are active in road races, track meets and cross country races and the club encourages participation in the HARRA Spring and Fall Series. While the membership includes many ex-high school and college athletes, there are also many members who came to love running later in life. One constant is development of the athlete, at whatever level that may be.

The Harriers have always been involved in the production of running events. In the early days, the Harriers put on a number of track meets, road races and cross-country meetings, including the AAU National Cross-Country Championship in 1977. The Harriers have continued that tradition and hosted the 2003 USATF Cross Country Trials, which selected the team USA for the World Championships. The Harriers have also hosted Masters Track Meets at Rice University and Inter Club Challenge track meets geared towards runners of local clubs.

The Harriers was re-started with an inaugural meeting in June 2017, and the officers were nominated until such time as new members can be elected to the board. The current officers have been named as

Club President: Doug Storey
Vice President: Kirsten Stefan
Treasurer: Sherry Scott
Secretary: Pamela Skaufel
Captain: Adrienne Langelier

Social Media: Chelsea Hill
Marketing: Lisa Girard

Annual Membership will be $25
Purchase of Team Singlet will be $25

Annually the club will have a number of social and athletic events for club members. The main social events will include an Awards Party in January, Annual Meeting in June. Other events will include a holiday cross country race for the Leonard Hilton Cup, a 5000-meter track race for the McNamee Trophy and the McLatchie Challenge. The Harriers latest information will be updated on facebook, as well as instagram. For inquires or additional information, please see the Contact tab on the Harrier's web site at