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2011 Buffalo Wallow Race Results

Thanks to everyone that came out for the race. The 2011 results can be found under the Buffalo Wallow tab

Buffalo Wallow 6K HARRA Cross Country Championship Race - Saturday, Feb. 19th, 2011 Houston, Texas (2/19/11)


The 1st race of the HARRA 2011 Spring Series
Saturday, February 19, 2011 Houston, Texas

Sponsored by the Houston Harriers
Race Timing by Run Wild
Parking Courtesy of AIG

Run the BUFFALO WALLOW in Buffalo Bayou Park on Allen Park-way at Montrose. 3 loops of a 2km course between the Wortham Fountain and Taft Street. The course is identical to previous Buffalo Wallow 6k courses. There will be water available on the course.

Races and Start Time

Hills anyone?

Now that we are approaching the fall season, hills come to mind. I need to know if there is interest in doing the hills on Monday nights. It would be the same drill like we have done in the past. Meet at 5:30 by Jim’s bench and then jog down to the Sabine bridge area for a hill session. I have family visiting this weekend so, the first week would be Monday the 20th of September. We would continue until 11/1. I am coaching my kids soccer teams on Tuesday and Thursday nights, so Monday is a good night for me.

The AGM this Sunday 6/26 has been postponed

The AGM this Sunday 6/26 has been postponed. It we will be reschedule to a later date this year. If you have any ideas or suggestions for the club, please let us know.

David Wittman

2010 Buffalo Wallow Race Results and Photos

Good weather and a bit of mud made this year's XC race a great one. Thanks to everyone that turned out for the 2010 Buffalo Wallow.

Final Buffalo Wallow 6K Team Competition Results:

Open Teams

1st place: BARC Open - 62 points (2, 4, 5, 16, 35)
2nd place: ALRC 5 Wheel Drive ALRC Open - 122 points (6, 11, 37, 20, 48)
3rd place: Bayou Storm - 123 points (17, 9, 23, 38, 29)
4th place: Tinters Rock - 165 points (22, 29, 56, 28, 30)

Masters Teams

1st place: Houston Harriers Masters - 104 points (2, 6, 5, 61, 30)
2nd place: ALRC Mud Daubers Masters Team - 108 points (34, 10, 7, 53, 4)
3rd place: Master Striders On the Run - 138 points (29, 40, 3, 65, 1)
4th place: BARC Master - 191 points (12, 35, 44, 49, 51)
5th place: 30K Masters - 166 points (13, 17, 14, 41, 81)
6th place: TBD - 297 points (37, 46, 60, 74, 80)

2010 results can be found here

2010 photos can be found here

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